Edvard Grieg: Piano Sonata, Op. 7 & 14 Lyric Pieces

“It seems easier than it is: attributing a certain style to a musician, but if one aspect could particulary be mentioned when it comes to Idmtal’s playing, it is his ability to not only make the instrument really sing, but also in such a natural and intuitive way. It seems as if this poetic lyricism is, as it were, innate to him.” (Opus Klassiek, 2022)

“Matthieu Idmtal: a virtuosic, sensitive poet!” (Luister Magazine, 2022)

“Matthieu Idmtal lets us hear how he’s able to give the piano a very personal narrative voice.
This is the voice of a modest young pianist who wants to tell us a lot. Not a monologue, but a dialogue. Never pushy, but with great conviction.” (Radio Klara, 2021)

“Belgian pianist Matthieu Idmtal plays Grieg’s piano sonata marvelously. His passionate and virtuosic playing makes us travel through very different landscapes and emotions. One can not get bored with this CD! Interpretation: 10/10” (Crescendo Magazine, 2021) 

“Belgian starpianist plays 14 of the Lyric Pieces – and how. A delicious album! (*****)” (Visie Magazine, 2021)

“With great virtuosity, he not only brings out the perfection of Grieg’s music in the sonata’s corner movements, but also shows that there is much drama in this work. In the two middle movements, Idmtal nonetheless achieves a degree of sensitivity that is immediately appealing.” (Pizzicato Magazine, 2021)

“A deep and reflective Grieg. Idmtal searched more behind the notes, and the result is an album to think about.
You might fall in love with it”. (Cultuurpakt, 2021)


Alexander Scriabin: 12 Etudes, Op. 8 & 24 Preludes, Op. 11

“I have listened to Sofronitsky, Richter, Gilels, and Ashkenazy – great Scriabin players all. Young Matthieu Idmtal has the potential to join that lofty group. (…) The slower and quieter numbers are among the best available.” (The American Record Guide – May 2019)

“This is definitely one of the better Scriabin albums of the last ten years” (De Nieuwe Muze – September 2018)

“It is a musical language in which Idmtal seems to feel perfectly at home. He plays these – often short – pieces with big sensibility, with flair and imagination, and, most of all, with a lot of poetry. This is an ideal CD to discover and appreciate the marvellous world of Alexander Scriabin. (*****). (Radio Klara – September 2018)

“In a sublime way, he joins the beauty of sound with expression. His playing contains a variated and colourful toucher, supple phrasing, a natural rubato, pricesly elaborated dynamics, and a contagious imagination. Idmtal is a poet at the piano.” (Magazine Stretto – September 2018)

“Magnificent first solo album of a poet pianist who found the secret paths of those two opuses. (*****)” (Classica – March 2019)

“Belgian pianist Idmtal creates with ‘his’ Scriabin a breathtaking, colourful and profound universe that didn’t only surprise me, but flabbergasted me. (…) The conclusion simply is that Matthieu Idmtal is a big Scriabin-interpreter.” (Opus Klassiek – August 2018)

“Scriabin isn’t given to everybody. This highly demanding music asks for a commited interpreter, shaped for this cause. It certainly is the case of Matthieu Idmtal in this very generous and beautifuly presented and recorded CD.
Sound 10 – Booklet 10 – Repertoire 10 – Interpretation 10”  (Crescendo Magazine – September 2018)


Edvard Grieg: Complete Violin Sonatas
Maya Levy (violin)
Matthieu Idmtal (piano)

“An intoxicating, exhilarating recording of lesser-known Grieg. Levy and Idmtal enter most beguilingly into Grieg’s unique sound world, making us marvel afresh at the Norwegian’s indelible lyrical genius.” (The Strad – September 2017)

“A very convincing interpretation (…) Without doubt, a young duo to keep on following. (Classica – September 2017)

“Impeccable technique, ideal understanding, beautiful expressiveness: a real success.” (La Libre – March 2017)

“Klara’s Top 10” (Radio Klara – March 2017)

“Ze spelen op intieme wijze samen. Tasten elkaar nieuwsgierig af, stimuleren elkaar, vormen een overtuigende eenheid. Samen sterk zijn ze ook individueel sterk. Elk deel wordt met evenveel aandacht en toewijding opgebouwd, het resultaat is steeds verrassend en meeslepend.” (Luister – Magazine voor Klassieke Muziek)

“Bloedserieus, met een prachtig afgewerkte virtuositeit en een eigentijds gevoel voor romantische fraseringen (…) Het duo laat Grieg van zijn meest lyrische kant tonen en dat klinkt prachtig.” (Pianowereld/De Nieuwe Muze – January 2018)